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Destino Bookstore

"Every new book I read comes to be a part of that overall and unitary book that is the sum of  my readings. This does not come about without some effort: to compose that general book, each individual book must be transformed, enter into a relationship with the books I have read previously, become their corollary or development or confutation or gloss or reference text. For years I have been coming to this library, and I explore it volume by volume, shelf by shelf, but I could demonstrate to you that I have done nothing but continue the reading of a single book."

These lines are from a book called 'If on a winter's night a traveller'. A wonderful book.  Highly recommended. If On A Winter's Night A Traveller falls into the genre of metafiction.


Back to the quoted lines. These lines convey the very familiar notion, we as readers experience. How every book that we read is like a ring connected to other books we read, forming a single long chain eventually.

And that every book we read all share the same spine, the same title and the same author. They all boil down to a single book whose genre is ever bending.


Is it true that "All knowledge is but remembrance," as Plato said, so that the next book you read is predestined for you to read, and is already a part of your chain of books? Or is this whole idea just an imagination? Destino helps you put these ideas to test. We take from you your freedom to go into a bookstore (or an online bookstore for that matter) and choose a book of your choice, to put it bluntly. We send you a very random book completely covered. So that when you uncover the book, it's either a surprise or just a lovely reminder.

​Destino is nothing else but your Destiny, our destiny. We help you find a book that is written in your stars. Blind dating was always cool and we came up with a twist that will bring down the chances of disappointment. "Blind date with books" with Destino. We have different kinds of colorful book packages for you to choose from. We don't give any hints about author, genre, publishing date or anything like that. You just get what should have been yours. We also provide an elegant, simple and classy collection of bookmarks, button badges and postcards.

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