Frequently asked questions

Why do you say books are not sold in Destino?

Surprises can't be sold. We help you meet your destined book. When you buy a book you have an option to choose. Here you get what your destiny chooses for you.

Are books new/old?

Every package has old books except the blue one. But every book is in good condition & of a ratings of 3+. (Rated at goodreads)

Do we get to choose the genre or author?

No. Destino is all about destiny. You don't get to choose genre or author. We don't provide you with any hint.

What to do if I have read the received book already or the product is damaged in any way?

If you have already read the book or the product is damaged and you want to return it, you can DM, mail or call us. We will process your return immediately and you will get the refund within a week.